I still write in my traditional journal all the time, but I'm just going in cycles. It's like a war in my head every day.
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pen and paper

I haven't posted any entries in a while, and I don't think I will anymore. I've returned to pen and paper, I've always liked it better that way.

mmm its so hot this summer
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I want to apologize to some of my LJ friends. I think it's best for me to move on, because seeing all your posts are quite triggering.

I started LJ for a very wrong reason, and I'm sorry to you all.

101 things in 1001 days

Good results come in time, and I have to try and remember that.
Some things I might not get to do in a long time, (over 1001 days), but nonetheless they're sill goals I want to accomplish.

1. Draw once a week
59. Wave/Say hi to people I know
36. Do 50 leg raises + 100 situps daily
33. No treats or fast food
34. Drink 6 + glasses of water a day
81. Keep a food journal and stay around 1000 calories
42. Go Veggie
78. Go outside every day (getting my tan back!)
65. Stop chewing nails
68. Clean my room once a week
69. Put things back where I find them

Creativity + Entertainment
Buy something from www.allposters.com - Actually bought 5, got 20% off too.
Paint my dresser + shelves - super awesome, they're a dark brown with teal trim and teal foot prints (L)
Hobbies + Activities
Finish a crossword
Go for a hike
Buy a meal for a homeless person - I was on a date and there was a couple on the side of the street begging, so instead of giving them money we took them into mcdonalds and bought them both meals. They were unbelievably greatful :)
Have a diet focusing mostly on fruits, veggies, and fiber
Exercise at least 1 hr a day
Do 50 leg raises + 100 situps daily
Floss night + day
Go Veggie
Social Surroundings + Relationships
Have my first kiss - :) wow.. at a secluded beach. How beautiful is that.. Make-out session and the works
Keep eye contact
Well-Being and Self Rewarding
Get rid of everything I don't need - I cleaned my room from 10:30 in the morning until 8 something or maybe even 9 at night. Got rid of some painful memories, tore my posters down, it was just really good!
Obtain a pet - I bought a blackbear hampster, named her Macy :)
Buy a shoe rack - definitely didn't realize how many shows I owned! (like 17 pairs)
Stop chewing nails
Wear a sleeveless shirt
Become less paranoid
Clean my room once a week


Creativity + Entertainment
1. Draw once a week
2. Watch every Adam Sandler movie (14/32?)
3. Watch every King of Queens Episode (?/206)
4. Go to a play
5. Paint my room
7. Buy curtains
9. Learn guitar
10. See a band I love in concert
11. See a psychic
12. Send a secret to post secret
13. Try marijuana
14. Do 'ADIML'

Hobbies + Activities
15. Go floating (river floating)
17. Minimize computer to 1 hr a day
18. Go ice skating
19. Try water skiing + snow skiing
21. Go kayaking
22. Play a real golf game
23. Read a new book each month
24. Go go-karting
25. Ride a horse
26. Join a club
27. Go for a picnic
85. Road trip! Me in the driver's seat ;)
86. Visit Italy
87. Visit California

29. Volunteer
30. Give spare change to someone each week
31. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice to FreeRice (1,500/1,000,000)

33. No treats of fast food
34. Drink 6 + glasses of water a day
38. Try yoga
39. Join a sport
40. Do a 2 week body cleanse (water fast) (0/2 weeks)
41. Become a stable 95lbs (this isn't unreasonable seeing as I'm already quite short)
43. Try 10 different fruits
44. Try 10 different veggies
45. Make a vegetarian meal
46. Keep a food journal and stay around 1000 calories

46. Get 90% or higher in all my classes for one of my report cards
47. Speak french more frequently

Social Surroundings + Relationships
48. Say "yes" to any invitation
49. Go to a house party
50. Invite a friend to do something 3x a week
53. Walk on the beach w/ a loved one
54. Watch a sunset + sunrise w/ a loved one (0/2)
55. Make someone smile each day
56. Compliment someone each day
57. Make a snowman with a friend
58. Hug someone every day
59. Wave/Say hi to people I know
60. Hang out in a cafe/coffee shop
61. Spend time with family twice a week
62. Call friends instead of text
63. Always answer cellphone
64. Be nice to everyone I meet
83. Meet a close online friend

Well-being and Self Rewarding
69. Put things back where I find them
72. Whiten teeth (for fun)
73. Go out in public with no makeup (and feel okay about it) --- this one is almost there, but i still wore powder
74. Go out in public with a fake moustache
75. Get my N
76. Learn how to use a washing machine/dryer
77. 9:00 bedtime + 6:00 uptime on weekdays
78. Go outside every day (getting my tan back!)
80. Open my blinds every morning and keep them open (can't even do this for the summer, have to put tinfoil on my windows because it gets so hot ): I was SO UPSET)
81. Get a new job
82. Stay away from the computer for 1 month
88. Buy a macbook pro
89. Take a cab

Reserved for greater ideas